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This is THE perfect salad! It has everything I want and need. Massaged kale. Avocado! Rainbow veggies: purple cabbage, carrots, capsicum, green onions. A lot of fresh herbs. Seeds to munch crunch. And millet. Recipe is on the blog xx #awesomesalad #alldayeveryday #healthyfood #loveit #kale #avocado #cleanfood #delicious #dinnerbowl #eatwell #everysingleday #fitfood #foodismedicine #glutenfree #vegan #yum #veganfoodshare (at


Am I the only one who feels this way?



i was meant to be born a spoiled rich white girl in manhattan but something went wrong idk

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Eating healthy in college?

Ugghhhh guys…. being in college is so weird. You have so much free time, yet i have no idea how to manage my time at all. Its so friken hard to do my homework, go to the gym, and of course stay up do date on tumblr and netflix (haha im sorry but we all know that its a really big deal for all of us)

…So as I procrastinate my incredible amount of math homework and 7 page essay I decided to come here and tell you how difficult it is to eat well in college

The food the school gives us is not all that healthy, and I have no idea what goes into it, i sugest getting the app taht tells you the nutritional information for the cafeteria food. I dont have much money so basically I have to eat the shit that they are feeding us in the cafeteria. I also sleep way to much, usually waking up past breakfast and around lunch time. The snacks that are provided in our provision store are also high in salt, fat, sugar, and low in nutritional calories with the exceptions of humus (which they sell with pretzels, not carrots) and fruit cups (which are 6 dollars, so seriously fuck you) Our declining balance at my school can also be used at a couple of other places, the bagel shop (i love bagels so this is sweet for busy mornings) and also starbucks….

Let me tell you about starbucks though. Their sugar to coffee ratio is so fucken high. I have had more starbucks in the last 2 weeks than in the last year. So obviously this is a problem. And they havent been my usual starbucks (I usually get an Americano, or tea) I have now been trapped by the frappucinos and chai lattes. Obvously these are okay to have once upon a blue moon but not two-three different drinks a day.

The bad eating habits I have goten accustumed to in the last few weeks have to stop. They are fueling lazy activities (basically always sleeping and feeling tired). And I have also been drinking a lot more juice and way less water than I am used too. 

Today, after eating mash potatos, meat loaf, a ceaser salad, a handfull of peanut m&m’s, and two poptart pastrees (I know right, what the fuck i never eat that shit)…

Today after realizing I have not been two the gym and almost two weeks…

Today realizing that I have never been so consecutively tired in my whole life, due to the poor amount of nutrients I am consuming

I am drinking 64 oz of water and writing this blog entrie about how I am so sick of feeling tired, and ready to get back into my mojo. I know that I am capable of eating healthy, and maintaining my health journey in college…. 

Ill be posting a lot more now and keeping you guys more up to date because it helps me stay in track…

but seriously guys if you have any tips let me know. feeling lethargic sucks.


people who exercise in order to get rid of period cramps are the ones surviving the apocalypse. 

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